13 ways to become morally excellent and a complete leader.


The name sure rings a bell, doesn’t it? Benjamin Franklin is a spectacular man. Regarded as one of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin was a lot of things. But before he became the revered man whose name echoes in the halls of history he took some profound steps worthy of emulation.
Benjamin Franklin wrote, “In 1728 I conceived the bold and arduous plan to achieve moral perfection, highlighting the major moral values that I knew”. Benjamin went on to list out these values and how he planned to attain them.

  1. ABSTINENCE: To avoid sexual immorality, not to eat or drink to satiety.
  2. SILENCE:: To speak only about what may benefit others or oneself; to avoid trifling conversation.

  3. ORDER: To keep all my possessions in their right place; each activity has its time and place.

  4. DECISIVENESS: To decide to do what must be done; to comply strictly with what has been decided.

  5. FRUGALITY: to spend money on something that brings benefit to me or others, that is, to waste nothing.

  6. DILIGENCE: Do not waste your time. Always be occupied with something useful, and refuse all unnecessary actions.

  7. SINCERITY: Not to cause harmful deception, to give clean and fair thoughts; to adhere to this rule also during the conversation.

  8. JUSTICE: Not to hurt anyone, not to commit injustice and not to lose good work that is among your duties.

  9. MODERATION: To avoid extremes, to constrain what you think is appropriate resentment against injustice.

  10. CLEAN: To avoid bodily uncleanness; to observe neatness in clothing and housing.

  11. PEACE OF MIND: Not to worry about anything and about common or unavoidable things.

  12. CHASTITY: To indulge in amorous pleasures infrequently, for the sake of health, or procreation, never to do this to dullness or exhaustion, or to the detriment of your or someone else’s reputation.

  13. HUMILITY: To imitate Jesus.

Wow. What a comprehensive list. Benjamin Franklin became and is regarded as one of the most complete leaders America has ever seen.

I challenge you today to set out on a mission  every other thing will fall in line.

By Emmanuel Olawale



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