A tribute to my Father

Oh My Father My Father

In the gentle arms of the Lord you got carried

In his bosom you finally laid

The heavenly boat you now sail, the earthly rail you stayed

Before the evil days you got transfigured

Mysterious to the world it may seems

A thought of good the Lord has lain

The expected end you have reached

Oh My Father My Father

Generations will be blessed, for through you generals have been raised

Light you were, light you handed over

Love you shared in it you endured

Through it you suffered, at the end you with it conquered

Oh My Father My Father

Earlier you departed, painful we feel

Thinking you will live reaping the seed

Once tearfully released

This is the consolation we have, the beauty of heaven,

The peace you now have, the crown you now wear

The garment of a conqueror, the mansion you now inhabit

All can’t be compared to what gifted earth can offer.

Oh death where is your sting oh grave where is your victory

For death has been swallowed up in victory

My Father Oh My Father

Rest on there in the bosom of the Lord

Till we see again at the resurrection morning.

The man I am today is rooted in the solid foundation the Lord helped daddy inlaying for us his children. A strict disciplinarian, whose passion of rebuke reflects his compassionate, affectionate love and kindness for his children, with the mind of seeing greatness in all of his children.

In ensuring we had balanced lives, so much he suffered that he did many menial and dirty jobs to see and make us happy. A father who doesn’t mind to suffer long to ensure the needs of his family is met.

An absolute planner, super organizer, keen to details and a very time conscious man. All of which has robbed on us.

Taking it back to the days of childhood, I can’t forget those days he taught us how to pray and the need to read our bible. Many times he held my hand to the saloon, has we come back handsome and dignified.  The days of welcoming us with gifts he bought from the journey he arrived from. Those times he was our driver has we majestically sit at owner’s corner in his car, as we cruse to wherever we wanted to.

Days he ensured we use our medicine when we were ill and encouraged us to eat either by pampering or lovingly by force. He had days of sleepless night, especially during the time of hospitalization.

A very cheerful father, humorous yet a no nonsense man, who is always serious with whatever his hands finds him doing.  A lover of worship, praise and songs you need to see when the garment of praises comes upon him.

He inspired me on the field of engineering as I always boast of my father being an Engineer in a company working on big machines, many of his tools we lost some we damaged with the inquisitiveness to be like him.

A very focused and sincere man, who sees to plan the future for his children, I can’t forget his favorite quote which he often says when he gives advice “As a man lays his bed so will he lie on it” This has become part of our daily living.

The legacy of education he laid for us, ensuring we had the best of education with what he could afford ensuring we become better than he. I can’t forget how childishly and humorously I drew his attention to his big headed shoe (safety boots) he wore to church not because he couldn’t afford the best of shoes for himself but because he invested it on his children. Days we had enough for beautiful wears and days with bearing got new ones to buy. Days we had plenty to eat and days with little or nothing to eat, yet in happiness and excitement. Days we laughed, prayed, cried, sang and made deliberations as a family.

Daddy was a man who loved God and reverenced him. Read his bible and attached so much importance to it, this he taught us. Significantly it has helped us all the children in knowing and loving the Lord which has rooted our faith in the Lord.

A very dedicated man, his dedication to whatever he does is commendable, to his family, work and to the church of God. We have a model as children to follow. Very hardworking, laziness doesn’t stay with him. This from him is worth emulating. Even till few month to his demise even though he had retired, he was still doing his personal work. His strength as a sexagenarian always amazes me.

Very loving and tender hearted yet principled. A man full of wisdom, always with solutions to challenges. His words of counsel are always right on course. Nailing the truth on the head with direction to follow.

Raising three giants shows you are one yourself. Oluwaseun, Oluwafisayo, Oluwaseyi will miss you. Babatunde and many more will never forget you. You remain inscribed in our hearts.

Thank you for been a Father, a Pastor, a King, a Doctor, a Teacher… Thank you for knowing the Lord and leading us on the path of righteousness.

See you at the resurrection morning. WE LOVE YOU!!!

I thank you heavenly father, for a life well spent of my earthly father. What a legacy he has left for me, my sister and brothers and to the church of our Lord Jesus Christ.







By Ogundele Oluwaseun Samuel


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