The Dying JESUS


Have you ever been so sick that you could hardly say a word of prayer? You try to mutter few words but you get so weary and weakened out from within?

Have you ever been so down and lonely, in the darkest moments of life, all through the thick dark gloom, through the night, the very silent moments, the forgotten times, with no one to lead on?

Have you ever been in the deep storm, when the tempest rage? Have you ever been lost? Have you ever been in pain and was like ALL HOPE WAS LOST?

And right then and there, you felt a gentle touch, then with a sweet still small voice, followed by the warm embrace of His Love. The young lamb of God that was slain reaching out to you, holding you by the hands, leading you on, telling you “Fear not, I am with thee, all will be well!”. (Oh, Halleluyah!) Someone’s testimony, right?

Even the thief at the right hand found succor in Him, the pained thief, the repentant one, was given eternal aid by the Dying JESUS. Right there in his lonely state, in his helplessness, he cried out to the dying saviour “REMEMBER ME!”.
The Dying saviour gave him the most assuring words, a light that chased away all his darkness, a bright hope eternal.

How much more now that He is alive? How much hope will He give? How much help would He give? Now that He is alive forever, how much more will He save those who rest and trust in Him?

For every life situation, JESUS REMAINS THE ANSWER! To every pain, to the Homeless, to the hopeless, to the helpless…. He is the Answer! (Halleluyah!)

Article by: Ogunlowore Busayo


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