The road may be long but it is not endless. The heart may worry but you are not weak. Life is what it is; a test of resilience. You will soon realize you are not measured by your battles but your victories. Take your eyes off those who seem to have it all good. … Continue reading YOU WILL FIND A WAY THROUGH



  Are there really bad days or bad attitude? That's a question for you to think about. Your day is after all what you make it. We are not the sole proprietor of our day but in the business of attitude there exists only sole proprietorship. And that proprietor is you. When we forfeit our … Continue reading ARE THERE QUESTIONS CONCERNING YOUR ACT-IT-TUNE?

The name JESUS

Yet it was because of this (Obedience) that God raised him up to the heights of heaven and gave him a name which is above every other name, that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.



E. W. Kenyon began his book The Wonderful Name of Jesus with this personal account:

One afternoon, while giving an address on “The Name of Jesus” a lawyer interrupted me, asking: “Do you mean to say that Jesus gave us the Tower of Attorney the Legal Right to use His Name?” I said to him, “Brother, you are a lawyer and I am a layman.

Tell me—did Jesus give us the ‘Power of Attorney?'” He said, “If language means anything, then Jesus gave the church the Power of Attorney.” Then I asked him, “What is the value of this Power of Attorney?” He answered, “It depends upon how much there is back of it, how much authority, how much power this Name represents.”

Then I began to search to find how much power and authority Jesus had.

All the power, and all the authority that Jesus had is…

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Science and the Spoken Words (A Conversation)

by Bayo Olaiya ——— Many years ago, a conversation ensued between a reputable neurosurgeon and a well renowned pastor about the power of the spoken words. The neurosurgeon, intimating the pastor with new scientific discoveries in the field of neurosurgery said: “Pastor, did you know that the speech area nerve controls all other nerves in … Continue reading Science and the Spoken Words (A Conversation)

A tribute to my Father


Oh My Father My Father

In the gentle arms of the Lord you got carried

In his bosom you finally laid

The heavenly boat you now sail, the earthly rail you stayed

Before the evil days you got transfigured

Mysterious to the world it may seems

A thought of good the Lord has lain

The expected end you have reached

Oh My Father My Father

Generations will be blessed, for through you generals have been raised

Light you were, light you handed over

Love you shared in it you endured

Through it you suffered, at the end you with it conquered

Oh My Father My Father

Earlier you departed, painful we feel

Thinking you will live reaping the seed

Once tearfully released

This is the consolation we have, the beauty of heaven,

The peace you now have, the crown you now wear

The garment of a conqueror, the mansion you…

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