A tribute to my Father


Oh My Father My Father

In the gentle arms of the Lord you got carried

In his bosom you finally laid

The heavenly boat you now sail, the earthly rail you stayed

Before the evil days you got transfigured

Mysterious to the world it may seems

A thought of good the Lord has lain

The expected end you have reached

Oh My Father My Father

Generations will be blessed, for through you generals have been raised

Light you were, light you handed over

Love you shared in it you endured

Through it you suffered, at the end you with it conquered

Oh My Father My Father

Earlier you departed, painful we feel

Thinking you will live reaping the seed

Once tearfully released

This is the consolation we have, the beauty of heaven,

The peace you now have, the crown you now wear

The garment of a conqueror, the mansion you…

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10 Conditions of answered prayers

God’s desire is to see his children speak to him and when they speak to Him, He in his splendour and unspeakable providence wants to see to it that we get response. Thus, when we pray, we likewise must put our hearts together and understand the principles of the scripture in approaching our Father in … Continue reading 10 Conditions of answered prayers


TALK IS CHEAP You have heard it before; talk is cheap. We shouldn't be under the illusion that if we consistently say it, it will eventually happen. Well, that may be true for a few but the question for you is "would you still be around to witness that eventually?" It is a dangerous way … Continue reading TALK IS CHEAP



SaintPope's Blog

Once, while a man lay in bed reading a book, the Lord decided to teach him some sobering lessons. Momentarilly, sleep took over, his book and pen dropped off. About a minute or so later, he woke up to discover that the book and pen he firmly held had broken loose from his grip. It dawned on him that at death or end of a race, there would also be an inevitable finishing line. Every activity would cease. No secular race is endless. One would have to let go of whatever he would be holding or doing.
So it is with the fixed seasons of time. A year begins and ends. It was the same with biblical Israel. There was a period of bondage that appeared to be endless.But it did end on an eminent note for liberated Israel as Psalm 114 recounts.
So also, 2017 is gone, here we…

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How God’s Grace Delivers Christians From Laziness and Idleness.

Some people read Exodus 14:14, which says “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still,” and simply kick back not wanting to do anything, and they can find all manner of excuses to be lazy. But true faith is never lazy. In fact, unless faith works, it’s not of Christ because … Continue reading How God’s Grace Delivers Christians From Laziness and Idleness.